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Implementation flow

  1. Business  analysis

    Process screening in preparation phase and gap analysis in implementation phase are the most sensitive parts of the project. We pay great attention to details while consulting with your organization`s key players who know your business. BookOn! will be set up to comply your existing business processes. Excellently performed integration makes your everyday business easier, simpler and faster.
  2. Backoffice integration

    We are here to save you time and effort. No double systems with manual input. No additional overhead or time-consuming education needed. BookOn gets easily integrated with your existing backoffice software solution. Keep using interfaces you are accustomed to and do what you do best – just BookOn. We will take care of all the steps.
  3. Hardware delivery

    Expect our support when it comes to the delivery of exceptional hardware based on your business needs and requirements. While you collect certificates from your partner bank necessary to accept card payments, we make it easier for you by providing 100% efficient hardware that enables fully automatized All-in-1 booking. All you have to do is start.
  4. Go live!

    We’ll boost you with BookOn life-cycle support, tehnical support, training and 1 on 1 consulting. You are ready to start endless growth. Get more bookings, we have your back!

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