BookOn! brings many benefits to different clients

BookOn! is unique because it enables unified management of on-line and in-person booking channels.

Planing is important

Your decision to run a tours and activities marketplace should be based on a sound business plan. Local regulatory framework regarding taxation, tourism industry in general and personal data protection constitutes a major input for planning. We will assist you in the preparation phase with our extensive experience in creating digital goods marketplaces and information security consultancy services.

Above all, we are a software development company. Although BookOn! offers a wide catalogue of out-of-the-box, proven and tested features that you can use, it can be customized and new features can be added for your convenience.

Business analysis

Rules of doing business on your marketplace will be implemented in the system as agreed after this initial phase of the project.

White label

We understand that your brand is at the core of successful development of your marketplace. BookOn! can be licensed in white label model, allowing you to seamlessly broadcast your brand´s mission and vision across all system channels and interfaces.

Software development and integration services

System integrations with third party systems may be executed to enable highest possible level of automatization.

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